Rock the Dress?

So, I’ve thought and then unthought about doing a Trash the Dress sesh. I think it’s cool to be that ballsy, but I don’t like the idea of wasting the money that was spent on my dress, nor the time that was spent on it.

I mean, sure there are cool shots that can come of it,

And it may be cathartic in some ways. But it just seems like … a waste. In fact, when I first began mulling this over, Ariel wrote a very timely post that summed up they way I was feeling (here). But, still, it would be cool to do SOMETHING.

And then, I was reading through some various bride-y blogs and stumbled upon the term “Rock the Dress.”

Uh, what?

Yep. Rock the dress. It’s essentially a day-after sesh, but rather than trash the dress, you ROCK the crap out of it.

After spending some time Googling the term, the fave description I came up with was from Classic Photographers out of Boston (yeah, Beantown!) who said:

Rock The Dress? Trash the Dress? Is that what it sounds like? Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like! After the ceremony and all the festivities are done you slip into that beautiful dress one last time for a little photographic mischief making. The idea is to rock that dress one last time in a location that presents a contrast to its beauty, formality, and design – a lakeside dock, a city street, a rooftop, or even the ocean. The wilder the better – fields, alleys, abandoned buildings – go for it.

You can rock it with attitude like you’re doing a high concept shoot for French Vogue or trash it like a rock diva doing promos for your next music video – whether you ruin it by getting it wet, dirty, or tearing it up, or just stand in the water looking gorgeous in it the photos of you “Rocking” or “Trashing” will be memorable.

I mean, yes, they were talking about both rocking AND trashing, but it’s a pretty rad concept. Like … hullo cover of Rolling Stone in my awesome attire. Shit yea.

Now to go work on my poses.

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