Baby steps … or more like Jolly Green Giant steps

Ok, so horrible stuff aside, we’ve made some great strides in Weddingland.

I got the dress. I got the shoes. And they fit!!! But …

We’ve also booked our wonderful, amazing, fantastical photographer. Introducing …

The lovely Kat and her equally awesome husband, Justin, from Persimmon Images. Check ’em out:

I found Kat via The Broke-Ass Bride, which is one of the awesome sites that have helped me maintain sanity.

Alllssssoooo … I’ve gotten some more brooches, which the beyond-all-amazingness Kath (aka Leigh’s mum) has been working on for me. But, my darlings, I need more. Keep those eyeballs peeled!!!

I’ve decided I’m doing a veil (gasp! shock!) and am still looking for a tiara.

Aaaaannnndddd … get readdy to dance everyone. And yes, girls, that means you. You’ll be shakin’ those boootttaaaayys down the aisle with Leigh’s homeboys. Song shall be determined at a later date, but I promise you’ll be OK with it. And yes, Jelly, we will drink beforehand. Don’t you worry.

I’m still working on hair ideas, and makeup … because, let’s face it, I’m NO pro with those face shades. And we’re finding Leigh SHORTS (yes, he’s decided shorts. I win?).

Get ready for some fun, Kids. And bring the Advil.


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