Pack Rat or Rat Pack?

just because I love ’em. Sinatra, Dean, Sammie … *swoon*

Erm, I digress. I’ve gathered a few brooches, and thought that for those of you in the Brigade on the hunt for me … it would be nice for you to see what I have and how you can add to it … if you want. I do want some floral ones, and Tricia has generously offered to craft some out of wire, which will be fantastic.

This is what I have so far:

So, obviously it’s somewhat of an eclectic, colorful mix … which is what I want. I need to get a Red Sox pin, fo sho, and just some other fun, funky goo-gahs to throw it. Yay!



One thought on “Pack Rat or Rat Pack?

  1. Just found one of mine! it’s a gold star/flower thing with pearls. I’ll bring it by in the morning with a *few* more things that I need to leave at your house =D. LOVES you


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