Color me … stoked!

So, I know I was originally just going to go with the turquoise/tangerine color scheme … but I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE. And while I still think those colors will def be a huge part of it … I want to add another element. Purple!!! Actually, I just want a buttload of color. I mean, lots!!! But, purple is pretty and one of Leigh’s favorite colors, so it’s pretty appropriate.


I mean, geez!!! How pretty and complimentary is it???

Another idea, if I end up scrambling (I may get lured away from the weddingness by temptation of beach, snorkeling and volcano tours), I found this on

DIY Wine Bottle Pop Art Centerpieces

How colorful and wonderful!!! And so flippin easy … spray paint wine bottles.


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2 thoughts on “Color me … stoked!

  1. Ill help you drink all the wine for the bottles =D

  2. Kath says: the idea of purple!! It’s my very fav colour!!!


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