Ok, feeling better and ready for more.

During this ‘hiatus’ I’ve actually figured out some pretty great wedding stuff. And it was really nice to step back, distract myself with other things and take a deep breath.

First: Eff flowers. Well, not entirely, but pretty largely. The girls will all have a small bouquet, likely of orchids. Buttttt, this is what I’m doing.


So, if anyone has any brooches or pins or stumbles upon them … I need like 60-80 total.

Leigh and I went shopping for wedding bands the other day, and given the shape of my ring, I’d likely have to get a custom band to ‘fit’ with it. The standard band is not something I’m totally gaga about following. In fact, I want to do this:

Tiny Text - Thin Posey Ring - custom made with your choice of inscription in sterling silver by Kathryn Riechert

I found them on etsy.com. I’ll get my own phrase on it … something that means something to me and Leigh. And they’re cheap. Like $28 cheap. As opposed to the custom one, which was $900-$1200. Ack!!!

And, finally, Leigh has decided on the kilt. There was a time when he was just going to go with khaki shorts, but he wants to represent his Scottish heritage, and I respect that. He’s going to change into shorts for the reception, but he wants to wear the kilt while we express our commitment to one another.

Kilt - Ancient Hunter Sport Kilt

So, there you have it. Some things figured out, some still up in the air. We’re still working on finding a good photog, and have expanded beyond the Islands. Turns out, it may be cheaper to fly someone from the mainland and get EXACTLY what we want. Who knew?


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2 thoughts on “Ok, feeling better and ready for more.

  1. I think I have three or four. I can also make you some wire wrapped flowers to stick in there.


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