I’m tired.

Many of you have already heard me whinge about this, but the effing Olympics are ruining my life.

Well, not really the Olympics, per se. It’s more like the timing of the Olympics. How they’re an hour behind us, how I end up having to stay to add something last minute, like ‘So and So who we haven’t been following in the World Cup and who was a mediocre player in the last nine Winter Games’ has managed to finish fourth in qualifying, which isn’t even a final — but! Oh! Isn’t it just intriguing nonetheless, so why shouldn’t we include it as a small little brief in addition to everything else I’ve already piecemealed together.

Oh, and the fact that they’re the WINTER games. As if my life wasn’t already tossed about during the winter, trying to fit in every aspect of chores and friends and relationships into half days and still be able to dedicate one solid day to doing the one thing I look anxiously forward to for months without having to worry about getting everything else done, but to add long days for very little satisfaction on top of it all! Well, shit. I’m just out of fumes.

And – on top of it – there’s this little thing called a wedding I’m trying to plan.

I’m exhausted. I don’t sleep well, what with roommates and neighbors constantly stomping about in ski boots and two boys-turned-bulldozers sleeping in my room.

I think it may be time for me to put the big W-planning on the back burner for a bit. There’s just not much I can do at this point without really jumping the gun. Let shit simmer for a bit, yeah? Enjoy this lovely winter wonderland. Compile a mass of ideas so I can properly arrange my thoughts.

Or at least get my fucking save the dates out at some point.

I shall blog again … very soon. But it may be a bit more about life beyond the planning. Like this dream of a real life.

Off to bed.


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2 thoughts on “*Yawwwwnnnn*

  1. I think you can feel good about taking some time off from the W-planning. There’s no shame AT ALL in taking time for your self.

    Shit.. I just got snowboard wax in my computer keys. LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Kath says:

    Yep I agree with Tricia…Snow won’t last long so enjoy while ya can…but yeah send me those save the date..thats the move ya need to do and the rest will come. Don’t stress sweetie!


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