Piecing together the pieces … and I need opinions.

OK, so, As we all know, I’m going with the custom Dolly Couture with a sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps.


Sooooo … here comes the details I’m throwing around.

First, remember the Val Stefani dress? The back. I flippin LOVE the back, especially the buttons and how it comes down into a mild V shape.

Butttt … I want spaghetti straps. And preferably criss-crossed in the back.

Would that look too much like a diamond or would it be pretty?

And since I’m doing my petticoat trimmed in *my* blue

Each of Jennifer’s four bridesmaids wore blue V-neck dresses with a scoop back by Bill Levkoff. They had the floor-length dresses tailored to cocktail length.

Looking similar to

I’m also thinking of doing the back buttons in blue. One row or two?

However … remember when I said I wanted some bling? Welll … Dolly told me she could add some like this (I know it’s hard to see, but it’s there!!!

So I need guidance. Is it all too much? Is two rows of blue buttons on a V back with criss-cross spaghetti straps sitting on top of an embellished skirt with a blue ribbon-trimmed petticoat over blue and white polka dot heels overkill? Or is it damn hot?


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2 thoughts on “Piecing together the pieces … and I need opinions.

  1. DAMN HOTT!!! (oops commented on wrong post by accident) teehee!!

  2. Nicole says:

    What about making the buttons blue? Just a thought… I like the first dress with strings and a cross back.


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