Moldy Peaches and an evening of inspiration … redux

So, not really sure if it’s blogs in general or if it’s my compu-tarded self, but I just had an epic post that decided to go ‘Kerplat!!’ on me. So, here’s the redux, which in all actuality could be better than the original because I have much less of a tendency to just ramble when I’ve already straightened out the original idea.

After a nice meal, a lovely glass of shiraz and some cuddles with my puppyface in a completely empty apartment (the first time in a long time), I am going to give this a second go. In a more concise way.

This collage I love. I adore the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme, but I think it might be a bit over the top to fully incorporate it into every aspect of the wedding. I think if I were to do something like this, it would just include some small bits and pieces, more of an allusion rather than a full-bore theme. I do really like the tea-length dress, but I am not such a huge fan of the illusion neckline. I guess I just think the overall whimsy of doing a wedding along this theme would be pretty fun.

Pink, Blue, Inspiration board, Alice in wonderland

Our reception will be right next to the pool, so I though it would be pretty cool to try to incorporate it somehow (aside, of course, for me pushing Leigh in when he gets a bit tipsy). I really like this idea of having some sort of visual element within the pool itself, but I’m not really sure how keen the hotel would be on us just dumping some flower balls into their pool. Maybe some floating votives or something like that would work better.

Flowers, Reception, Decor

I love the way this looks, though. Especially with the Chinese lanterns – though ours would be in blue, orange and white. It just seems so serene and adds some element of class … though I don’t know how class I’m capable of being. Ha.

Reception, Ceremony, Wedding, Beach, Destination, Mexico, Villa, Michelle hayes photography, Puerto, Vallarta

There are so many simple design elements that can just completely vamp up our big day. I stumbled across this little beauty, and thought the peacock feather was so elegant and graceful and almost unexpected.

Wedding, Flowers, Orange, Brown, Blue, Purple

all photos courtesy of

The next vendor I’m going to have to book is the photographer, so I’m working on hunting down some different photography styles that incorporate some of my ‘must’ photos (apparently, it’s a good idea for brides to make just such a list so the photogs know what to look for). All I really want is just one simple photo that encapsulates a truly sweet moment between Leigh and myself, one that induces a sense of peace, serenity and -dare I say? – romanticism when you look at it. It’s so hard to pinpoint truly sweet moments in day-to-day life, so if I could just have one photo of that among the hundreds of the chaos from the day, it would make it all that much more special for me.


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